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Rams Escape With Win Over Utica

Posted 7/7/14
WATERTOWN, NY- The Watertown Rams (16-11) came back from an eighth inning deficit to beat the Utica Brewers, 6-4, (3-23) and maintain a share of first place in the PGCBL

Rams Win With A Diorio Walk-Off

Posted 7/2/14
WATERTOWN, NY- Matt Diorio (Central Florida) hit the first pitch he saw in the bottom of the ninth inning up the middle for a base hit, scoring Santino Alteri (Alvernia)

Rams Take Over Sole Possession of First Place

The Rams (13-9) win tonight in Elmira (12-9) by a final score of 4-2. Corbin Powers picked up the win for the Rams going 7 strong innings, allowing one run

Rams Score 5 in the 8th – Beat Mohawk Valley 8-5


Rams Split Double Header with Elmira


Diorio Bats the Cycle

Batting only the s

Watertown Rams Win With “Walk-Off”

Posted: 6/17/2014
WATERTOWN, NY- Chris Gaetano (Monmouth) drew a bases-loaded walk with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning to give the Watertown Rams a 4-3 walk-off win over the

Watertown Rams Win with Impressive Fireworks

June 7, 2014
This was the first win for the Rams season, giving them a record of 1-2 for the year. The Rams will travel to Utica tonight to face the Brewers starting

Watertown Rams Fall in Home Opener

June 6, 2014
Elmira led 5-2 going into the sixth inning but extended their lead to 12-2 with the help of timely hitting and Ram miscues. Christian Santiseban (Manhattan) doubled home two runs

Watertown Rams Home Opener – 7:05pm Start

Posted: 6/08/2014

Former Watertown Wizard (Rams) Makes His MLB Debut

Posted: 5/31/2014


Posted: 5/14/2014
2014 Watertown Rams

2014 Watertown Rams Player Update: Weekend of 2/28-3/3


Posted: 3/4/2014
2014 Watertown Rams – Weekend of 2/28-3/3

Matt Thaiss tabbed 44th best freshman prospect

Posted: 2/13/2014
Matt Thaiss (University of Virginia 2014, Watertown Rams 2013) has been named the 44th best freshman in the country for this upcoming spring by Baseball America. The freshman

Last year:

Ramp Up Player Signings

Posted: 9/18/2013
Let’s ramp up the player signings!! Here are three of our 2014 Rams…your Western Division Regular Season Champions!

Consider a Dealership Management System

Consider a Dealership Management System
Car dealerships, large and small, have numerous activities to attend to during the work day. They need to determine which vehicles are in stock, track the number of sales they have made during the month, reach out to customers who are due for service appointments and so forth. A dealership management system helps to make these tasks easier to accomplish.Understanding a Dealership Management System at www.pentanasolutions.com
This type of system involves a number of components that are beneficial to a car dealership. The system helps to keep track of important data such as the number of models available for one particular vehicle as well as the parts that the dealership has in stock. The management system also performs functioning. It, for example, can generate a warranty to provide to clients.

Organized System
The fact that a dealership management system helps to keep the company better organized. Instead of digging around to find out if a certain part is still in the shelves or having to walk through all of the rows to discover if a certain model is still on the lot, representatives simply need to type some information into the system, and they can find out.

Efficient and Timely Results
Selecting a dealership management system also means that these entities can cut down on the amount of time they need to perform these day-to-day tasks. This efficiency offers manifold benefits. Representatives do not need to make customers wait around while they spend a long time looking up information. When customers do not have to wait, they are often more amicable. This system can work to establish a more suitable environment for customers. On top of that, the system allows the dealership to focus on other tasks. Instead of taking so much time to find a car for a customer, sales representatives can more quickly get the customers to that vehicle in hopes of a sale.

Systems that contain virtually comprehensive data for a business are useful because they help to keep operations running smoothly. In some ways, the dealership management system is comparable to an extremely efficient and organized new employee.

What to Look For With Marquee Hire

One of the best steps that you can take when hosting a special event is to schedule marquee hire Melbourne or Sydney. A marquee can provide you with a number of benefits, such as an enclosed or semi-enclosed space as protection and a defined event space to decorate. While all marquees can provide these benefits, it is important to note that some styles of marquees may be more suitable for your needs. When you are planning your event, consider these tips to hire the right marquee for your needs.

Initially, one of the most important factors to consider with marquee hire Sydney – http://www.aussiemarquees.com.au/party-hire.html or Melbourne is the size of the marquee that you will need. Primarily, the number of party guests that you will have is critical to making this decision. However, you also need to consider if you will have tables and what the size of those tables will be, how many tables you may need for catering, how large a dance floor may be, if your entertainment crew will need a stage and other factors. While you do not necessarily have to plan all these details before your hire a marquee, you should make a reasonable estimate about how much space they will need.

In addition, you may also consider if your marquee hire Sydney or Melbourne needs to be enclosed or not. Some marquees have special flaps that can be raised and lowered as needed. For example, many events will be several hours in length, and the temperature and other weather conditions can change drastically during this period of time. The flaps can be raised and lowered on different sides of the venue as needed to provide guests with improved comfort.

After you have made the decision to move forward with marquee hire Melbourne from Aussie Marquees or Sydney, you will need to decide which marquee to hire. Your representative can assist you in making a better decision that is right for your needs.

A Look at RCG Courses in Sydney

In Australia, professionals who provide gambling services to consumers are required to provide those gambling services responsibly. This approach is often referred to as Responsible Conduct of Gambling, and RCG courses in Sydney allow area professionals to earn their RCG certification. An RCG certificate is required by law when working in an environment where gambling is present.

What RCG Courses Are

Australian law outlines the conditions needed to possess an RCG certificate. The law requires a certain level of knowledge and awareness, and a person proves that understanding by successfully completing a written examination. The goal of RCG courses Sydney is to provide the student that knowledge and awareness and prepare him or her to complete the examination successfully. Most courses conclude by having the student take the exam. A successfully completed exam is then passed to the local authority, which then provides the certification and physical certificate. Note that the courses themselves are not governed, but training institutions are usually licensed to conduct the RCG exams.

The Benefits of Such Courses

The most obvious benefit of RCG courses Sydney with http://www.catch.nsw.edu.au/course/rcg/ is that it allows a person to be hired for a position that requires it. Consider that a bartender requires an RSA license, and without such certification, a person cannot work as a bartender and, in some cases, even work in an establishment where alcohol is sold. Note that employers will sometimes require RCG certification even when the law does not. This can occur because the law requires some of its employees to possess such a license, and it is simply easier to require all employees to do so.

Who Takes These Courses

Dealers and croupiers must have RCG certification. In fact, nearly anyone working inside a casino must. That includes hosts, waiters and bartenders. The need is not limited to just casinos. Consider that most bars in Sydney have pokies on the premises. That means that any bartender, host, server or busboy requires the certification. A dishwasher may not need the certification technically because he or she does not work on the serving floor, but this is one of those instances mentioned earlier where the employer may require it anyway.

Why You Need RCG Courses

Taking RCG courses in Sydney and having that certification is simply an extra tool in your toolbox. The courses are relatively inexpensive and usually take less than half a day to complete, and they can open up many opportunities for someone working in the gambling, restaurant and related industries. http://www.gamblinghelp.nsw.gov.au/

The Brilliant Benefits of Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

When it comes to buying a home you want to invest in something special and this is where luxury home builders in Melbourne can be the best choice. Luxury home builders in Melbourne can create you a home you will love to call your own; there are so many brilliant benefits of investing in the luxury property market that here are just a few to get you started.

Something new

One of the great things about bringing luxury home builders Melbourne – http://lbdhomes.com.au/ into your project is the fact that you will get something new. You can always invest in large properties crafted fort eh luxury market but these tend to be older homes that will require renovations. Older homes can be full of problems and need an awful lot of maintenance. When it comes to luxury home builders though you can craft something special that is also brand new and doesn’t need the lengthy maintenance.

Something special

Luxury home builders in Melbourne can also pull out the stops to make something truly remarkable. Rather than invest in a standard house you can have something that reflects your dreams and your desires. If you want a certain theme room or a modern architectural design you can choose exactly the home you want to keep you happy. http://www.osr.nsw.gov.au/grants/complete/hbb

Something worthwhile

Finally when it comes to luxury home builders in Melbourne you will be putting your money into something completely worthwhile. Luxury homes are always a sound investment and with the rich getting richer you will be confident that you will long have a market to suit your needs. If investing wisely is exactly what you are looking for then you could be making the perfect choice when it comes to investing in luxury home builders in Melbourne.

Benefits of Doing RSA Courses Sydney in a Classroom

RSA courses in Sydney are integral for anyone who works in the world of serving alcohol. Alcohol can be tricky business and often requires prior knowledge and training to encourage people to enjoy responsibly. Part of that burden lies with the seller of the alcohol which is why there are RSA courses in Sydney. RSA courses in Sydney focus on the fine print when it comes to being a responsible seller. Not only will you be taught the law but you will also be taught how to responsible when it comes to making decisions about the sale of alcohol. You can complete RSA courses Sydney from Catch Training online or in the classroom, both have benefits but this time we are fighting in the corner of the classroom.

Better support

One of the best things about doing RSA courses in Sydney in the classroom is the fact that you will have a better level of support. This course is really important as without the teaching and the knowledge you could make a bad decision which could result in a fine or even you losing your job. On RSA courses in Sydney if you don’t understand something and are in a classroom then you can be confident you have the help you need.

Meet people

Attending RSA courses in Sydney doesn’t have to be a drag and you can use it as a chance to meet new people. When you work alone at home doing your course online you are missing out on the chance to be sociable and to have fun in a learning environment.

Be confident

Confidence comes with better understanding and when you hit the classroom for RSA courses in Sydney you can hope to build up your knowledge to the max. this will boost your confidence which in turn will make you much better at your job.


Computer repairs Melbourne technicians explain malware

Something is just not right. You just can’t put your finger on it. Recently, your PC performance has been a little sluggish. Could it be a program? Was your PC hacked? Did you mistakenly install Malware? Malware is an incredibly complicated and troublesome problem. Mobile Computer repairs Melbourne from 1300fixnow representatives help PC users eliminate these security threats often affecting

Understanding the problem

Windows start popping up, and suddenly you are playing a game of whack-a-mole to address the problem. Dialogue boxes start surfacing out of the blue telling you that certain programs can’t be opened. Your hard drive appears to be working overtime even though the system is in idle mode. Contacts start alerting you about erratic emails they’ve received from you that you didn’t personally send to them. The system appears to be running slow even when lightweight applications are in use. The system starts crashing repeatedly over and over again. These are all signs of a potential malware infection.

How malware infections happen

Malware can occur in a number of ways. One can click on a spoof email and mistakenly download malware to their system. One can get Malware from a website that isn’t reputable. Software for an operating system that hasn’t been updated in a while also puts a PC at risk for malware infection. File-sharing and torrent sites also expose users to infection risks.

Addressing the problem

There are numerous Malware tools that can be downloaded from the various sites. These tools can remove the viruses, but in some cases, they can be ineffective because there may be additional repairs needed to eliminate the threat. Malware applications can remove some malware and perform the necessary repairs to address the problem. A technician can review all of the security settings and identify any other vulnerabilities that could be exposing the computer to risks. There can be hidden folders or additional settings that have to be made in order to remove the threat. If during the removal process important files are lost, a technician can help recover them.